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The original plan was to add a 5 volt regulator in the Dension cradle cable. I was planning to add it about 6 inches from the connector and heat shrink it when I was done like some sort of cable goiter. As I was checking out the back cavity of the cradle I realized that the regulator would damn near fit inside it. However, with the metal attachment bracket it wouldn’t quite fit. I ground down the metal bracket and sanded down the regulator a bit and everything fit perfectly. I added filter caps before and after the regulator to suppress noise and called it as day. The cradle is working well and is ready to install. As usual, pictures are below.

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    I’ve got a Dension IceLink and I hate that it won’t charge my iPhone3G. However, I’m not as comfortable with mods like this as you seem to be. Any thoughts on alternate ways to mod the cradle to allow charging? Have you seen this: Would you consider modding my cradle if I sent it to you?

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    I don’t know the relationship between dension and dice. It may be a direct replacement for the dension cradle. I do know that Dension USA is no more. I’d call Dice and see what they say about that cable and the dension Ice-Link. There’s a lot of ways it could be wrong, and only one way it can be right, those aren’t good odds.

    The problem with modding the Dension cradle is that the Firewire charing pins are different than the USB charging pins. So to get the 3G to charge, you have to do the pin changes I did near the dock connector. You wouldn’t need to put the regulator under the cradle, but honestly, that’s the easy part.

    I’d love to hear how you solve the 3G cradle and car integration issues, so far I haven’t seen a lot of good ideas.


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    Any chance you could send me details of the parts you used, how you connected them up?