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The Citation II that I have been posting about originally had no power switch.  It was customary at the time that the pre-amp would switch on the power amp.  In the past, I’ve shaved down a small rocker switch to fit into the courtesy outlet.  This worked well, but I’ve always been concerned about the amount of material I had to remove from the sides of the switch to make it fit in the courtesy outlet.  It was certainly a fire waiting to happen.

Jim McShane let me know that a C&K slide switch fits in that spot perfectly.  And so it does, but the C&K slide switch I bought was all plasticy and generally crappy, I’d suggest a better version.  Rather than hunt for a new and better slide switch, I decided to put a beefy toggle switch in the courtesy outlet.  But I have a general rule that I never cut metal in my mods.

So I built a FR4 fiberglass structure to hold the switch, which seems to be the motif for my mods on this amplifier. The structure consists of three layers of 1/16″ thick boards.  The back most layer has a small hole that the switch attaches onto.  The next two layers are spacers to keep the front locknut away from the inside of the chassis so the switch will sit flat.

The results are shown in the pictures below, notice the inrush current limiter, which is a very good idea and allows you to lower the fuse to 5 amps.

IMG_2396 IMG_2397 IMG_2402 IMG_2403

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