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Well after owning my Model M keyboard for nearly a decade, I decided that my key-cap cleaning and case wiping wasn’t enough. So I carefully removed the keyboard itself from the keyboard case and cleaned everything I could reach. This isn’t typically blog-worthy, but this is the legendary IBM Model M keyboard; the one true keyboard. So much has been written about this wonderful piece of engineering that I won’t elaborate. Wikipedia does a good job of it: Model M

I love my keyboard, and use it frequently. I do a lot of work on laptops these days and the Apple low profile aluminum keyboard is slowly winning me over with is sweet short throw sweetness. But the tactile feel and sound of typing on a Model M is a thing of beauty.


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    Hi Sheldon, I am currently investigating building my own hi-end speakers. Your site really cool and very infomative + the neatest I’ve ever come across.

    I’m going to give it a good thorough read +will be in contact. Thanks Chris.

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    Having bought an old pair of Quad 57´s, I have come upon a fault with one of them. I have vacuumed the net for a solution and have come upon Your name as an expert on these speakers. I have read the exellent paper “Refurbishing the Quad ESL” but could find no solution.

    I was hoping You would be so kind to give a possible explanation to what occurs.

    The problem is one of the bass panels. The speaker is equipped with the Enquist EHT which has a neon lamp for each panel indicating the charge rate of the panel. One gives a steady glow indicating a leak. I have switched the leads so as to isolate the problen to the panels and not the EHT. The panels all seems like in good condition and I can see no evidence of arcing. The front side is painted grey so I havent examined it thoroughly, but the back side seems OK. As You can see on the picture one of the leads fron the audiotransformer has been changed, and the soldering is lousy. The dust covers have no tears in them.

    I´m no expert in electronics and few know these speakers anymore, but I love the sound, I was hoping for some advice…

    Trond Brudevold